Made For macOS

It is specifically made for iMac, MacBook, benefiting from the beauty and efficiency of macOS.

Easy To Use

You can make documents in no time with Drag & Drop.

Why GiantStep Invoice?

GiantStep Invoice is a user friendly and demanding invoice software. It is used in many countries with contentment, which proves that it is perfectly prepared for localization.

Of course, the user friendly of the software would be little; we also pay attention to the high standard document appearance. Using it in any language would not be a problem, since every title is editable.

In addition, many setting options help in making a demanding and personal document.

The software supports high resolution logo visualisation and printig; rows and columns can be colored as you like; font face, size and style can be set. You can write notes on the header, footer, also, uniquely by lines, if you want.

But trying out worths more than just words; make sure of it yourself! We are sure that you will be satisfied with invoice software GiantStep Invoice.

  • Documents

    Can be made: Invoice, Quotation, Pro Forma, Delivery Note, Credit Memo, Estimate

  • Currency

    Currency can be personalised: symbol, code, separator, format

  • Multi language

    You can edit documents titles to own language

  • Support of 2 taxes

    Handling VAT and support of 2 taxes, primarily for Canadians

  • Reports

    Aesthetic charts; reports by a whole of aspects

  • Groups

    Groups assignable to clients and items

  • Convenient

    Convenient management of clients and items

  • Foreign exchanges

    Managing foreign exchanges with flexible rate intake. The list of foreign exchanges can optionally be extended

  • Notes

    Pre-savable notes to headers, footers and uniquely by item rows

  • Duplicate

    Every kind of documents can be duplicated

  • Draft

    Every kind of documents can be saved (as draft); in this way, they can be finalised later

  • Address

    Address can be personalised

  • Digits

    Number of digits are available and flexible

  • Gross to Net

    Calculate backwards from the gross

  • Formats

    32 invoice-number formats

  • Retina logo

    High resolution logo emplacement on documents

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